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I have created a form which requires a lot of data entry and multiple submissions where a lot of the data is repetitive. Is there a way to make a field retain the data entered after the form is submitted. This way the user only needs to change the relevant field/s for the next item being submitted.

I am pulling my hair out and trying to find a low code solution for what I know to be called “sticky fields”

Please can someone help

A very grateful noob!

Hi Julian,

What about using record rules to set the values of these repetitive fields for every submission?

Thanks for the quick reply Tim.

Tried that now but that looks to fix the value permanently. What I am trying to achieve is if I have 10 documents to add relating to cars and 5 of them are all “Volkswagen”, I want the user to type it in once and after they submit the form and the form refreshes, then the field that had “Volksvagen” on the previous submission still retains the value and they don’t have to type it again.

Once they have completed the 5 documents they then move on to FOrd and over-type the “sticky” field with “Ford” and the retained value cycle continues again until it is changed to the next manufacturer.

Hope that makes sense? lol

That makes way more sense. I would imagine JavaScript could do something like this but my skills are up to the challenge.

Thanks Tim, really appreciate the help regardless. Will keep trying to find a solution.

Maybe @Chem might have some ideas???

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Hi @JulianMc

Here’s how I would do it ->


@Chem - Words escape me!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am not only for the solution but the ease of that solution and the way you have explained it. Your method is so simple and will work EXACTLY the way I need it to.

Success Manager indeed! Thank you :smiley:


@Chem Just a quick heads up that this works perfectly on fields in the same table but doesn’t seem to work with Join fields. Not sure if it is just me being Dummy of the year but when I go to apply the “Form Value” for Join fields and hit save, the component crashes and doesn’t save. Only happens when I add the connected fields.

Regardless, your solution is still working brilliantly and has already saved a lot of time!!!