Referencing a connected value as a pipe parameter

Method of easily referencing a connected value as a pipe parameter would be of much help.

Anyone agree?


@Ashley, this is a great suggestion and one we’re strongly considering adding.

There’s really only one reason we haven’t added it (yet). The extra database calls which will drastically slow down the form submissions might end up backfiring. I’ll add some furter context to clarify. Each form submission generally requires several thousand database requests to complete a full submission. (Form, validation, submit, record rules, table rules, webhooks, logging, emails, texts etc). We haven’t added any limitations but hope users will understand that adding 20 tables rules, 10 emails and a dozen record rule will imact their submission time. Now, adding pipes into this equation means we also have to worry about the 3rd party pipe response which often happens out of the scope of Tadabase. To eliminate too much fuel to this we decided to limit a bit what can be done in Pipes.

Like everything we do, its a fine line between adding functionality like you mentioned and keeping things running as smoothly as possible.

I’ll discuss internally with Hitesh and we’ll measure the imapact this has. Perhaps, we can revisit and add this soon.

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I completely understand Moe, thanks for the response!

We have an Automation solution that calls a 3rd party API and queries stats for each user on that 3rd party device. The devices are stored in a table that includes the API token required to make the query.
Because we can’t reference values in the Connected device table, we have to replicate the device’s API token value to every user in our users table. Traditional DB structure would frown upon this unnecessary replication but we have to due to the limitations of the current implementation of Pipes. I completely agree - can this be considered for a future improvement?


Thank you for voicing your concern over our newly released feature allowing connected values as pipe parameters.

As you aware, we have started a discussion internally and you will receive updates for any new developments.

To clarify for anyone else viewing this topic, the feature listed above is currently only available in form record rules.

Apologies for closing this thread prematurely.