Related fields in detail

It would be very useful to have the view of related fields on the detail pages

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The reason this isn’t added yet is since you can add a new Details Component to show this exact same data. Can you try that instead? This isn’t the case for forms and other components. When adding a details component you’ll have options to show detail components based on connected records.

That’s true, I tend to forget that’s there.

In regards to designing and laying out a page, maybe there’s enough value in keeping data contained within a single component that this could be an option in the future? What do you think?

Ya, I can see the benefit of that. Also, maybe for display rules that would be more helpful.

We can put it on our todo list, but won’t be top priority as there is a workaround.

not only contained data, but also correct sequence of data reading, which would not be possible with a new details section.

This would be really helpful for us. We have data in multiple connected tables that we are often trying to show together. This would make formatting it much nicer and be much easier to handle with display rules.