Save pdf files to file field

Is there e possibility to save created pdf files to a file field?

Hi @toseifert-

I’ve heard rumors that this will be an option in some future update but nothing at this time.


Like @SafetyUniversity said.

We’ve added the ability to generate PDFs in Tasks, Action Links, and Record Rules. However, due to the severe resource requirements this needs we’ll be limiting this to plans on Premium and higher.

There is also the ability to send emails with all the files inside an Attachments field as an email attachment.

This should all be live in the coming 2 weeks.

If you’d prefer, I’m fairly sure there are ways of doing this with Integromat and Zapier as well.

Hi Moe,

Nice to hear, could it not be on other plans but with limits on the number of actions or actions per time?




Many thanks @moe; shucks that the functionality is only available for Premium + plans. :frowning:

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Hi Moe, ist the functionality already available on the premium plan?

Hey Moe, is the feature already available on the premium plan?

Yes, upon request we can enable it for you on Premium and higher.

Can i test this for two months? And decide then to upgrade to the premium plan?

I use Integromat to generate pdf with eledo and then post the pdf to the existing OneDrive and post the link to the pdf back into tadabase