Schedule task and send email

Hi there ,
I want to schedule task as email and send email remainder to other person. I find out Tadabase has Scheduled Tasks where we can send email . I tried to implement it . I went to automation and schedule task and select send email but it not working . So any help to solve this,
Thanks In Advance.

Can you share more details about the task you set up? Maybe you could share a screen shot?

You can check the task history to see if it was run successfully or not by going to automation/tasks. Click edit task and then click history.

Can you also check the email logs in the builder settings to see if the email was sent?

If the task ran successfully and there’s an email log, can you please verify whether or not you are using custom smtp settings or the Tadabase smtp sever?

One thing to check here is that the “from” email address you used in the task matches either your account email or the email address you setup in the custom email settings.

If you used any other “from” email address it will not send.

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Thank you , Now its working .

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