Search component - filter dropdowns by other selections

My data tables are setup as follows

  1. Year
  2. Make
  3. Model
  4. Trim
  5. Vehicle - connections to previous 4 tables

Edit: after confirming with @Chem that this functionality does not currently exist, I moved the post to Suggestion Box.

To clarify, I’m interested in the conditional drop downs that are available in forms - to be added to the search component.


From memory there is a good explanation in the docs somewhere… Ill see if I can find it.


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…and if you prefer videos here’s a link:

@moe @Bevcom thanks guys, I know about doing this via form. I’m wondering about doing this in a search component.

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Ahhhh - sorry I just saw “filter drop downs”… does it not work the same way? Obviously not :slight_smile:

@tim.young this would be life-changing for my App!

I would also love to see Display Rules on the search component.

My idea would be to create a Checkbox Field called “Advanced Filters” that when clicked, shows additional search fields.

Have you been able to pull anything like this, Tim?