Security - visibility for a role - add invisibility as well

Hi I have a feature request.

Now you can manipulate visibility for a role. I would also like to have the possibility to add invisibility for a role.

My case: a Quality Management System.
I have a table with in this case emergency numbers, which is for most user only for reading, not for manipulating (the standard role is “standard” which is a role for every user).
Some people can be editors for the Management system (Role: QMS-editor). So for them, I have added an inactivate action button and an edit button. You could work with JavaScript to make those buttons only visible for the editors, which is a work-around.

But what could be a native possibility is to have the possibility to make something invisible.
So I would get two rows with the same table, but just one table with buttons only visible for the role editors, and 1 table visible for all, but invisible for the editors.

Not high priority, as we have the work-around with JavaScript, but I hope this is an easy thing for the Tadabase developers.