Select Field auto populate

Would be nice that when a user starts entering a word in a select field the search always starts from the beginning of the select content. i.e.
user is typing Dinning
currently as soon as he types the D the drop down is filled with all the content that has a d in it.
I think it would work better if only words that start with a d show up, and then when he types Di only words that start with Di show up.
Hope this can be easily done.

Thank you.

Hi @remedina18-

This is currently in place for those fields that have options greater than a certain number…I think its 25.


hello and thanks for the reply. My select has 499 records to select from. The list comes from a lookup table.

Then it will work for the type/filter. See below if a lookup table where the options are filtered as the person types.

Hope this helps,

Not sure I follow. Where do i set the filter type?

There is nothing you have to do. It is all automatic when you start to type in the field.

not working for me. When I type a letter i get all the words that have that letter in it.

Yes, that is correct. The only search capability is to do a “boolean” type search that searches options with a specific letter or letters. If you want to only show the options that start with a certain letter, “D” for example, you will have to have some custom javascript to trigger that functionality.

If someone does start to type out the full word, the default search will ultimately whittle down to only a select few options that would contain all of the characters they have typed.