Send email when a field value changes - what triggers the automations on demand scheduled task

Hi, I need to send an email once a field value has changed. in this instance, when the deal is at a stage.

I have created the automation - scheduled task - on demand.

I haven’t been able to find any documentation about this, could anyone please let me know what triggers the ‘on demand’ action? Is it only by an action button, so requires user interaction or is there a way i can get an email sent when a field value has changed to a certain value without user interaction.

Thank you.

Hi @richardch372

The best way to do this, based on what you’re describing, is to send the email using Form Notifications.

Using an Edit Form, which can be added either through an Edit Link or as a standalone component on a Detail Page, navigate to the Notifications tab and create an email that will be sent on form submission. When setting up the email, you can add conditions here such as “when stage is IN PROCESS”

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Thank you @tim.young , perfect. :smile:

I have struggled with similar issues. And I wonder if you have a situation where your ‘trigger’ is something other than human intervention via a form. If it is then (I think) what would actually work for you is an automation, except the minimum excution time is daily.
For near instant response, which is not initiated by a form, then the only method I have found is an external action via Zapier or Make. I use both, they both have strengths and both work well. But it means another link in your chain. Of course they both have email components so that you offload the whole communications task to either.

Thanks @mtif. ive not started using 3rd party apps yet but guess it’s inevitable.

I had concerns about hooking into 3rd party apps (as I am not a programmer), but it has opened our application in ways I could not foresee and has really added value - and its not that hard to do.

That’s good to hear, I’m not a programmer either just building an app for my business. I have come accross some unexpected limitations with TB so it would be great to know there is a workaround.

Overall though loving what we have been able to create so far and in such a rapid timescale.

Likewise. I’ve been using now for 1 year, and we went live in February and run our business on our App. Its great to imaging new features one day and deploy next.