Setup table with user specific information with a minimum of 10 rows

Hi all,

I am building my app and I have a current issue which is preventing from developing my app further. Since I am on a time limit, I was hoping if someone from the community can help me with this issue, since the TB manual and earlier communication with support haven’t got me the solution yet.

My question is about how to connect user data to a loan overview data table. This sound easy, but the loan overview data is filled with connected values from the user ánd with calculations based on interest pulled from an interest table. The loan overview consists of 10 providers and the rates are pulled from another datatable (based on the requested loan amount).

So, in the end, I need to generate a table which was at least 10 rows and then the calculations need to be done.
I cannot use the ‘add a record’ function, since then I can only add 1 row and I need 10 rows.
I’ve tried to explain it with the following example (in the screenshot).

My question? What is the best workflow/ datatable setup to create this overview? I don’t have the answer yet.

I will have a go at answering, but will defer to better experts.

I think that what you need to be able to create are multiple child records in the loan overview for each Client. There will be 10 records per client, and each will refer to a separate loan provider.

There used to be a Pipe that would create multiple connected child records like this, but it has been removed and now the best solution is to use Make (was intgegromat) to create multiple child records from one action.
There is a great example from @tim.young here How do I loop through ... | Tadabase


Yes I am also with @tim.young having a conversation about how to achieve this. Apparently there is a ‘looper’ pipe which can achieve this, but i can’t find it in the TB Rest API and the Looper Pipe is ‘non configurable’