Show the entire list on connection lookups

The option to show lookups as a table or list and include additional items is great.
It would be even greater if we could display it as a table or list OR have the dropdown show all or at least 10 options without scrolling down. When displaying as a dropdown, it would be great to not have to type in a few letters to filter, rather just list what is there. Maybe there is a way to do this through CSS??

Hey Marc,

Are you referring to the multi-value dropdown?

Edit: I see you clarified your original topic.

I like the idea of having the dropdown list populated without having to type any letters!

Yes sir. That’s the one!

I’d have to experiment with css to expand the dropdown area but I don’t think that would have any effect on how many results are loaded into that area at a time. Could be wrong though.

For my immediate need, having the dropdown area expanded would work. Thanks Tim!


This will be implemented in our next feature update :grinning: