Signed-in user filter for drop-down menus

Currently, all drop-down menus can’t be filtered to show only relevant data to the signed-in user, so they show data of other users as well

Shay, welcome to the community.

Are you referring to the menus or dropdowns in forms? You mentioned menu in your question, but I’m not sure what you mean.

If you’re referring to forms, you can certainly limit the options available in dropdowowns based on who’s logged in. See here:

If you are indeed asking about Menu’s you’d need to create a custom row for each role type and add the menu for that role. Keep in mind, while testing you must refresh the page each time you log out and log back in as another role.

Hi Moe,
I’m talking about the drop-down menus I have in my graphs for example.

Assume I want to give my client, a doctor of hospital x (the company), to be able to filter a certain graph by the pharmacies his hospital is working with.
I have a table of all pharmacies, and a link to the hospital’s table.
So now I’m able to present only pharmacies that are linked to the logged in user’s hospital. BUT in the drop-down menu of the filter the user will be able to see pharmacies he never heard of (he won’t see anything even if he’ll try to filter for this pharmacy alone, so security-wise we’re good).
That’s because there’s no way to filter anything so it won’t be displayed in the drop-down menus themselves (“who filters the filters?”)
Does that makes sense?

Thanks Shay for the clarification.

I now understand what you’re looking to accomplish. Unfortunately, the menu component is not at all connected to actual user data. However, I believe when we get our search component up and running you’ll be able to accomplish something very similar with the new component.

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