Stop the "Add New" on a table being a popup

Is it possible for the “Add New Record” page that is linked from a table to be made a full page view rather than a popup?

Hi Roger-

No the add new button only opens up in a pop up modal only. However you can work some button work to have a form on a separate full page.


Hi Adam,

Thank you for the reply. Yeah, I guess that is the only way to go. I like to keep things native as much as possible.

I’m currently laying out best plans for a big app and the end user doesn’t like pop-ups (as mobile device users can hit the back button affecting pages below but the not the popup modal).

I quite like the tabs solution but also the end user doesn’t like them because “returning to parent page” is limited with them.

Just made me realise - can modal popups be made so you cant click off them?