Stripe Subscription Options

Can you add the ability for a client to subscribe without logging in first? IE - A new client will click SUBSCRIBE and then be prompted to enter their company info, name, email, credit card info etc and can then login once an account is established. Also - can you offer the ability to embed the packages into a website via HTML. Zoho Subscriptions offers the above options and does a really good job however we are trying to migrate entirely to Stripe Subscriptions for cost reasons.

The subscription feature is really an add-on to existing users. It’s not a traditional form component, rather a unique Stripe feature that does several things server side and client-side (Stripe JS) at the same time.

Unless there’s a way to add the compnay details in the stripe pop up (I don’t think there is), this won’t be possible. We do now have Record Rules in the Subscription Component, but all the record rules are based on ‘update this record’ and ‘this’ record refers to the logged in user. If no user is logged in, we can’t update anything.

Overtime we will keep adding to this component, but at this time I can’t think of a workaround to make subscriptions work for non logged in users.