Summary Field based on number fields


I have a table with a number of fields representing the number of licences for different products. I would like to also have a multi-select field that automatically updates to list the products where the number of licenses is above zero.

Any ideas how I might achieve this? I’m looking at rules but the execution stops at the first rule that gets actioned so the only way round I can see would be to have a rule for each permutation of products.

Thanks in advance


Hi @Markj,
do you uses rules in the forms or backend? I dont know why stop in the first action.


Actually I think I was wrong in that the rules stop but to use rules I would have come up with every permutation of products and make a rule for each - something I’m trying to avoid as will need to do this again every time the product range changes.

I suppose what I’m looking for is a way to select and unselect individual options on a multiselect field rather than specifying a custom value for the end state.