Table Link Buttons Size & Format

I’d like to change size of button links on a table. But can not find corresponding functionality.


While reading manual I’ve found that it should be like below:


Asthis mentioned functionality it’s not implemented, then I’d like to ask your help to change button size. I have found how to change colors with CSS, but not how to change size. Thanks.

@rofuy I can think of several possibilities to change the size of the button.

This is what it looks like before, so with small buttons

Methode 1: By using the Tadabase component functionality
For the individual buttons in the table you can chose to have the size small, medium or large


Method 2: by using CSS applied to the table

Put following CSS code to the CSS tab of the page you have your table on:

.big-button .btn {

Then you apply the big-button class on the row - use the “edit”:

Choose “design” and CSS"


Method 3: Apply CSS-class to the column you want the size of the button to be changed
Like with method 2, use the same CSS (if you are trying this, remember to remove the class from the row as shown in method 2)

But now apply the class to the column:


I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your help Peter:

When the link is one of Link options (Edit, Details, Delete, etc) it may work and for sure we have Tadabase Component Format. But when we have a link in a column (e.g created concatenating fields to create a record detail display in other table, not available as Tadabase fucnitonality) then I can not make it work.
In fact as mentioned on my post there’s no format funtionality for the button when content is a link, so I tried some options with CSS without success. I can not use same format for all icons in same register, since some of the buttons small square icons. Also button name does not match column name…Don’t know why.


Goal is to make the link look like a small button

Suggestion 3 should work, but I just see lenght format to 100px. Should it also have heigth to format button like small one, with same height as the other small ones. (Sorry, I’m learning about CSS languaje). Thanks.

Most likely it has to be modified on the created link itself that I addapted from a similar one from @moe (Thanks) Name comes from the link, so name of button is solved.


We have Small, Medium, Large how would it be? I tried ‘btn-small’ without sucess :frowning:

Solved: On concatenated link I had to add “btn-sm”