Tadabase Backup data

Hi, Tadabase has backup data?
If my customer delete data, can I reverse the process?

Hi @dtellogaete-

Yes they do. Depends on your subscription but they can restore data. See this page and look for Data Restore: https://tadabase.io/pricing

Hope this helps,

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There is another way to provide the ability to restore data without needing to have a upgraded plan. Given that your end-users are only accessing the front end to f your application.

On every table create a Selection Field called “record control” you create two options:


Set the default value to always be “Active”.

Next you will want to use action links and change the status of records from “Active” to “Deleted”.
Keep in mind that you do not want to enable the delete function on any tables or lists on the front end.

Make sure to set filter rules to only show “Active” records. This does make your application much more complex in it operations and functionality.
This is very much a higher level programming process and does require must more detail in your build process.

In the event that your client or end-user deletes a record(s) you can just change the status back to active.

Hope this helps.