Time management in Tadabase

Hi @tim.young

I find it quite challenging to manage time within Tadabase, especially when the application is supposed to work in different timezones.
So, could you make a build it with Tim about the subject?

Points like:

  • Best practices, about data management. Which time zone is leading in your data. How do you add a time field to the table and how to convert it to the leading time-zone. So, in general, how is time managed within an international environment.
  • Do you work with equations, or which pipe to use (and how to use this pipe)?
  • How can you detect which time-zone the logged-in user is in, or do you have to manage time-zone in the users table?
  • How do you show the time for the logged-in user in his or her time within components, like tables, detail pages? What time is shown has to depend on the logged-in user’s time? So, do you duplicate components and then only show the one connected to the time-zone of the logged-in user?

In general: are there generic solutions, or do you duplicate (or even more when there are more than 2 timezones in play) the components to show the right time?

I would also appreciate some time allocated in your video to the use of the Calendar component.