Transfer the Add button and no pop-up window

Hi Tadabase community,

I am building this app and I would like to know if this is possible.
I would like to transfer the add button from the top to the bottom side and when I click it, there will be no pop-up window or opening a page. It will just give me a space to type the name and the email. and when i want to add more. i will just click the add again. Is this possible?

Thank you


@edison this is the closest thing you can do natively, that is without JavaScript, which resembles what you want to do:

In the builder:

So, a table and below the table a form

The solution you would like would need a button with JavaScript, I guess in an HTML component. Hidden at first for the form and with the button pushed showing the form. That could be done.
You can also hide the add button and let the input be saved with the enter button on the keyboard.

I hope this helps. With the JavaScript for button and showing the form I cannot help you, though.

Thank you @Peter I am new to this and I have no knowledge about codes. I hope someone can help me with this. Thank you.

May I ask. How did you make it that clean? I mean mine is like this.

Thank you in advance.

@edison I am using a different theme probably (theme you can choose in the settings of your app).
Secondly, I have deleted the header (so made it empty), in your case that is deleting “Send to existing” in your form component, that would close the gap already a lot. And thirdly you can make some changes in the design tab of the component. Just experiment with the margin distance and padding, here is an example where I used negative top margin

Experiment a bit, so you learn how it works.
Good luck

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