Trigger Table Rules When Importing Records

It appears that table rules do not run when you import records, nor when you do a batch update of records. As I have fields that are set based on the value of other records, and their are no conditional options at the field level in Tadabase…

How do I trigger the table rules so the records will populate properly, without having to go manually edit each one in order to trigger the rules?

How have others handled this?

Hi @Tophinity

I have experienced the same issue. If anyone has any guidance I would appreciate the information.


I have the opposite problem. I need to do frequent imports of overlapping data, and I want to skip the table rules on import. Has something changed in the last year so that rules are now always applied on import? If so, is there a way to turn them off for a specific import template?

Hey @Henry Record rules DO run on import (like you said). However, they DO NOT run on batch operations (like was mentioned above).

One idea I have for you how to stop the table rules from running on import is to add a column (if possible) to your import .CSV and table titled “Imported”. Then mark all the records in the .CSV as “Yes”. Then add a condition to the record rule NOT to run if the “Imported” field is “Yes”.

I use a scheduled tasks to update imported records. I just add a date/time field to the table and call it “date & time updated” and in tasks i have it update the date/time to current date/time with no conditions.

After the task finishes, i delete the task. You could delete the date/time field too, but i leave mine in case i need to import again.

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