Trying to make a page that is only accessible with a unique code

Hello all!

Essentially, I’d like to password protect a page, where the password would be stored in the table where the data is for the page.

I know I can make them regular users with a username and password, however, these are patients of multiple doctors and I don’t want to add thousands of regular users.

I do have it working using a Search Component and a List. They enter their secret code, do a lookup and then click the link on the list to access their page. This works OK, but I would like to make it a bit less clicky…


Any ideas?

Hey Marc!

What is your end goal exactly? You’re looking to give access to secured records without creating logins?

You could try creating unique ID’s and use the search component to load the secured records by searching for unique ID + Last Name (or something).

I would like to just triple check that these records would not be accessible without entering the correct search fields.

That is correct. I have created a unique id that contains a unique number + their zip code.
I trying to create a way where they can enter this code and go directly to the connected page instead of doing a lookup with the search, then clicking on the result.