Update a Page's Table component via a third party system (MAKE, Zapier etc)

Hi All,

I think I’ve seen a post from @Chem or @tim.young that demonstrated a way to get a page to “listen” for an event from a third party system and then to “do something”

The scenario is that I have an Action on a Page’s Table that triggers MAKE.COM to run a lengthy process that takes around 30-50 seconds to complete. During this process I have MAKE updating the status back in the table and I’d like to force table updates, is this possible?

(I don’t want to rely on a timer sleeping for 30 seconds and waiting)

I’m still hunting on Tadabase for the post as I’m sure I’ve seen something on this in not so long ago…


I think you’re referring to this - https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/snippets/article/trigger-refresh-when-integromat-completes

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Cheers :beers: that’s the one ! many thanks.