Update Connected Field via Automation

Hi All,
I have a few thousand records that need to be tied to a user name. I can’t get it work using automation. I pick the table that the field I’d like to update resides (in my case orders) and then use automation to update the User Email with a connected value from the user table. It processes the records, but doesn’t make the changes on the actual entry. Any ideas?

What do you mean by 'actual entry '? Do you mean you are using Tasks and it’s not updating the User Email field in the table for those records?

If so, can you send a screenshot of the Task you set up?

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the help. Actual entry is the “orders table” where the update of the connection field needs to happen. I am using the automation tasks and yes, it is not updating the user email fields. I actually tried two different tasks and both do not work…one where we update the records (orders table) and one update the connected records (users table)

Thanks! That’s very helpful. Two questions - Can you try to set the conditions field to ‘Is blank’?

Also, how did you have this Task run? Was it on Demand?

I had an email in there. I took it out for screenshot purposes.
I do have it run on demand. I had the email limit it so that it wouldn’t try all 8000 records.

I think your second screenshot looks like the right way to do it but I’m not sure if the Task is able to identify which email to pull from the Users table to replace the Email in your Orders table.

Can you just change the last bit of the task to Custom Value and type in the email address? That should work.

Yes but I don’t know the email. I want it to read from my users table. That’s the problem. It needs to read all 8000 orders, set the value of users email to an email that belongs to the user. So it’s a variable and not a constant.

Oh. Can I ask what you are trying to accomplish? Maybe we can tackle it that way.

I have orders that I want to tie to a bunch of new users I am importing. I want each order to tie to a users email. I imported the users. I have a connection field in orders that connects to the users email. I need to automate the process to connect the order to the users email

As I understand this, you need to link to the record ID of the user - the email address is merely on of the fields in that record.
I’ve not tried in a while and features may have changed, but I was not able to do this inside Tadabase alone - I use Integromat automations to carry out connection tasks like this.