View more than 20 records at a time in the Data Builder?

I don’t see a way to switch the number of rows displayed in the data builder. Is there a way to do this currently? The reason I want to do it, is so that I can select more than 20 records at a time for update/delete.

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Hi Toph-

I am not aware of any option to change the pagination in the Data Builder from what is is defaulted as.


You can use the batch update to update more than 20 records at a time and you can set conditions as well


Yep, I do see that (but not for connection fields). I’m just used to the “they who shall not be named” builder, and I use the functions that I referenced here all the time there. I think I have enough workarounds for the time being, thanks to the help of all you fine folks.



They should be named lol. Competition is the best thing for us and our customers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That being said, not a big deal to add. Will certainly add this to our quickwin shortlist.


In my humble opinion…there isn’t any comparable competition when considering Tadabase as a whole AND its support. Hands down…#TADA4LIFE!


Its because of people like Adam! :heart_eyes:

For over 15 months you’ve been invaluable in guiding the direction of the platform.:beers:

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