Viewing more connections in tables/lists

Hi all,

I’ve submitted this before via chat support but wanted to share here to see if any others are looking for the same functionality.

I have 3 tables - Events, Users, and Schedules. The first 2 are self explanatory, the Schedules table is a join table for Events and Users. Schedule records have a one-to-many connection field for Events, ie. One Event-to-many-Schedules

When displaying a table of Events, I so badly wish I could display a list of user names from connected schedules.

See example below.

Tim, this has been added to our roadmap. Will be implemented before August.

Can I be cheeky(?) and ask that you can extend it do go deeper still?
For the data entry it is fine for the user to have to keep drilling down. It guides them nicely.
But for the reports, I need to pull all the data together, and/or query the data at the ‘bottom’ of the connection tree. I’ve tried to do some hacks…but I cannot get it to work.