Visually impaired using FOCUS on CSS

As we’re doing the UI for the Apps, the Accessibility for visually impaired came up using the TAB (with the FOCUS properties in CSS), Any thoughts to make it better?
I tried to start doing that, the TAB works with the and the styling that I made for the FOCUS works, but when I try to click enter the button doesn’t work (except the SIGN UP button the form)

background:#333333 !important;
color:#ffffff !important;

Can you elaborate a bit on what you’re looking to achieve? I’ve just tested this and the Enter key works for me when I TAB over to the submit button, also works while inside of a form and adding text to a field.

I would love to understand better what youre looking to achieve.


You’re right, it’s working perfectly on those buttons and fields (submit and text field), but I found out it’s not working on “previous and next button” on multi-step forms — can it be something about the new feature of multi-form?