Zapier Integration (beta)

Hello! I know there’s a tendency to recommend Integromat, but there are just some use cases or integrations that cannot be done (easily) with Integromat, so I need to use Zapier.

So assuming I should be able to use the Zapier integration, I’m finding it’s a little problematic. Here are some common issues I’m finding and would love some help with. I’m happy to work with someone while it’s in beta to iron out some of the kinks:

  1. Latency: This is probably my top concern since it has the biggest impact on automations. It’s (unfortunately) common for zaps or tests to fail because Zapier does not receive a response quick enough. This is most common with Create or Update Record requests, and I often time requests taking 20-30+ seconds to get a response. I don’t know what the timeout limit is for Zapier, but it seems that if a response is not received in ~30 seconds or so, the zap will throw an error and fail

  2. Find Record: When using this action, users are not presented with the list of fields to search. Instead, only the ID is listed. Users must click on Refresh Fields to display the other fields and then carry out the search using those fields.

  3. Create/Update Record: When using these actions with other apps, the response always contains the details of the record. On an Update Record request, for example, the response would show all the fields and values that were created. This allows one to then use these values in subsequent steps (especially useful if you only updated one field, but you need to see other fields). With Tadabase, we only receive the type (i.e. success), msg, and record ID. This forces the user to add another find step to retrieve the details of that record and continue with the automation sequence. It would be nice to include the record results with Create & Update Record requests.

  4. Field Names: When displaying fields in Find or similar requests, the internal field name is used instead of the name of the field that we set. For example, a response will display “field_241” instead of “name”. This makes it more difficult to find and use fields when building multi-step zaps since one needs to constantly refer back to Tadabase to look up the internal field name of every single value in order to know how to map data. Note that this is not an issue in the Users table for the name, email, etc. which display like this: field_238[first_name]. It would be great if all fields displayed like that.