Zapier Integration

Hello there! We still need to use Zapier since it has the most integrations, and we’re trying to work with the Tadabase connector, but it’s a bit buggy. When walking through the steps. data often doesn’t load, requiring a refresh. or retest.

A bigger issue is the field names. When running a test, instead of returning the names of the field as one would expect, we just get the field numbers, making it extremely difficult and time consuming to complete even the simplest of tasks. Recommend returning field names in the area shown, please.

Hi Glen,

We should likely find a better way to do this in the future. But for now, here’s a hopefully quick workaround:

I see in the instructions its missing the first step of how to add the script:

Here’s a quick video.

Also, if you have issues in Google Sheets, try refreshing the Google Sheet.

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Hi @Glen,
I use Zapier when I have to, but my go-to API integration tool is Integromat.
Maybe give that a look - table field names are displayed in full in this app.
Regards, Brett.