18 page PDF with table, lists and static text

Hi all
I recently found Tadabase when searching around in frustration with another solution (Caspio).

My main frustration there was that I signed up being told you could easily export reports to PDF, only to find out you can essentially only enable PDF export on individual UI elements. These elements are tables, lists, cards, etc., similar to those in many lowcode DB solutions.

My app is basically a very long questionnaire to replace a Word document. Where we currently type a lot of repetitive text, I have worked out dropdowns, autocompletes, etc.

I am thinking Tadabase can let me export a full page with any elements on that page in the PDF.

But then I saw an example of the email a PDF utility where it looked like you can only email a PDF of one specific record? That made me a bit more worried (although ability to send as attachment is not a big deal for us).

But if I understand the PDF solution in Tadabase, I’d have to export each of the pages as a PDF and merge them later. Is that correct? It might be very time consuming.


Hey there! Welcome to Tadabase.

Have you had a chance to review our feature spotlight on PDF pages? That might help explain the feature.

Basically, PDF pages are created separately from your app pages and can be filled with various components to display the data you wish to report on. Once the PDF pages are created, you can access them in a variety of different ways to best suit your needs.

Hi Tim. Thanks

I just watched that video again and I’m inclined to think it won’t do what I need. But I’m not sure.

Below you do seem to have four elements/tables in the report, but I didn’t get how you did that.


Top left and top right are Detail Components, and below that are 2 Table Components. These can be added to the PDF page in the same way you’d add components to a regular app page by dragging components from the components menu onto the PDF page.

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Ahh OK. I need to have another try at it then

This might be helpful for you as well.

Let me know how it goes!

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