2 factor authentication

I would love to be able to implement 2 factor authentication in my apps.

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2FA is something we certainly want to revisit at a later date. It is on our roadmap but not for the immediate future.

We would love to hear everyone’s thoughts! Let us know if you’re interested in having 2-factor authentication by hitting :heart: (like) on this post. :smiley:


Sounds good, thank you for your reply.

We hope to address this soon with a limited version of 2FA to start with. It will work through https://www.twilio.com/authy and with a Pipe and ability to trigger pipes from the login component will be easily doable.

We already added the Twilio Pipe for this, next we’ll add custom options in the users settings to enable this. I hope this should be completed within 1-5 to 2 months.


This is great Moe! 2FA is a requirement for a particular client and they cannot use our app until it is available. If you can post setup docs when its available that would be great. The only other security option needed would be the account lockout based on x number of incorrect login attempts. Thanks for all the great features.

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@intelligroup, certainly. Will post docs as soon as we have it available. We’re doing a bunch more updates to the page builder after that we’ll get back onto 2FA.

Will also ensure we have account lockouts. Technically, you can set these limits with Twilio Authy as well. But we’ll try and make it native too.

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Hey Moe - just checking the ETA on this. We have a client that we cannot onboard until MFA is activated for their account per their requirements. Thanks.

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