3 different login creditials

I like almost everything with Tadabase, but the whole logic behind 3 different user/password login creditials is very strange and causes me so much time waste. If you forget your password after say doing clean up or simply because you end up mixing the passwords between the 3 different systems… you end up in a loop. I’ve here before, my workaround solution which upuntill friday did offer me protection and did work, which was to never use the Ticket system or this Chat forum beucase that makes matters even more worse when the passwprd is cached by ‘remember’ me from one system to another system, …,. its a nightmare situation if its the weekend especially as live in UK so I have to wait till late afternoon for US office open time.

I’m sorry, I do not quite understand. I think I must be doing the same things you are doing — I’m certainly logging into my development console AND into the Community — and as far as I can tell, I don’t have this problem. Do you use a Password manager?

For what it’s worth, quite a few other only development platforms require a separate login for their community and for access to their development area. Doesn’t always have to be different credentials but they are separate logins. I assume this is so they can make it easy for anybody to join the community even without paying for a development account.

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