Ability to Copy Form/Data table Rules

For complex rules which need to be repeated several times and altered slightly depending on whether conditions are met this would save loads of time (both within edit form or rules attached to the datatable). Also, to accompany the rule name a developer comment box would be useful, in my case I would definitely use it to not only make a note of what and why I´ve built it but how and would be able to highlight and note anything important I shouldn´t forget.


Also, more flexibility to add “or” arguement instead of only “And” would be useful. Finally, would be amazing to have the ability to have more than one condition in a rule would simplify and vastly reduce the amount of rules required.


We’ll look into the ability to duplicate rules and add “OR” condiitions to rules.

We have recently change the workflow and design of how rules are added/edited to make the process somewhat more fluid. You can see a screenshot below for your reference.

As far as the ability to add comments, you’re looking for something more than the Rule Name? You wish to have more of a going conversation about a specific rule?