Ability to re-order objects in Data Builder

It would be awesome if we could just reorder the positioning of objects in the Data Builder list. I just added a table that is related to another set of tables I had previously created.

There’s no way for me to move that new table to be next to the tables it’s related to in the list. That makes it tougher to keep the data builder organized and easy to navigate for builders.


Greetings Toph-

I agree with you and this has been requested previously. It is on Tada’s radar but there are other higher priority tasks currently. I am confident that they will get to it sooner or later. :slight_smile:


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You did it @moe @Chem @tim.young !!! Y’all are my heroes

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It’s there now @SafetyUniversity, check it out!

@Tophinity, I SEE IT! :grinning:


@moe, thanks to the Tada team!