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2FA and Password Maint - a few requests (since you asked on Tuesday):

Top of List

  • SMS 2FA login code delivery of email (hopefully faster as well as email can sometimes take 15-30 seconds)
  • Password forced reset after months

Wish List

  • User field of “Last Login” timestamp that we can build reports on. Would love to create a nightly email with a PDF of “who logged in today”.
  • Ability to limit # of downloads / day - and generate a nightly report of how many files a user downloads each day. Idea is to prevent an “about to resign” employee from downloading all the company files the day before they quit - we could limit the number of downloads and then see the report that they are trying to do a massive data dump.
  • 2FA for some user roles but not required for others (some of our users are read-only and don’t need 2FA, others are “Admin” and really should have 2FA)