Access App config values via Javascript

Is there a way to access config values via javascript? If none, is there a way to access the app id, app api key, and app api secret via javascript?

@kimlambiguit welcome to the community!

There is no way to access the config values inside of Javascript. The API credentials will certainly not be available inside of JS and never will for security reasons.

We have a Builder API that we plan on publishing soon which will have access to all app settings. At this time its still in testing.

I’d love to hear what your goals are? perhps there’s another way to solve your requirements. Maybe you can use App Variables instead?

Here’s a link to more details:

Hi @Moe,

I’m trying to use tadabase’s REST API to save data inside a page specific JS. There isn’t really working around this requirement since that is what’s needed to make this project work.

Thanks for the reply and all the best!

i’ll be hard coding the api settings in the js section for now