Access to nested fields / across joins via expressions

I would very much like to request that equations are able to cross as many joins as required by the equation, for instance:

level1Record.connectionField>level2Record.connectionField>level3Record.numericField *

Currently I’m having to constantly fight with roll-ups, equations that simply duplicate information from one record to another, to just get to a point where I might be able to multiply two things together. It feels very counter-intuitive, and is difficult to maintain.

Many thanks,



I strongly second this. I have to pull data from many different tables to calculate and compile the information needed. It feels painful to have to add fields and pull values from other connected tables simply to use it in an equation.

Being able to go multiple levels deep would be very nice. However, at the very least it would be really nice to be able to use connected fields in equations. I know it is available in Text Formulas and basic formulas. Is there a reason it is not possible to use it in Equations?