Action Button for Multiple Updates

Hello Tadabase Community!


I have a process here that we generate production orders for third parties, where each order is one record.

When it comes the payment date for a specific service provider, I go to his table view and select all the records (please take a look at image attached, number 1 in red) that will be paid and update their fields “manually”, which I marked in blue (#2). For this action, I’m using the Update Button enabled in the Table Component.


  1. Create an Action Button that will apply all specific updates for the selected multiple records.

  2. Or another great option would be to make these selected records to create a closing invoice (connecting to another table). So we would have a better payment closure control for our services providers.

I hope that my suggestion would be helpful for more users here. Or, if someone has a way to get around this solution, would be very welcome!

All the best,

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@andre_mtrop This is something we’ve had planned for a while but never quite got to it.

The way it will work when we implement this is via a Task.

You’d be able to select several records then trigger a pre-configured task (essentially just a powerful action link) to run against the selected records.

This is not on our immediate timeline for right now, but will be done in the coming months.

Understood, Moe!

Hope to see this function then on near future.


Hi Moe!

Some news with this topic?
Well this is something that I’ve been waiting for. At the present, I’v been using multi-update table option, but is a caos and dificult to do.

Would be awesome if we could:

  1. We select the lines first
  2. In a preconfigured a form, we put the places we want to update.



Hi @moe and Tadateam,

Please, any updates about this topic? Or maybe a turnaround with pipes or so?


I tried something here, but maybe a Pipe (that I don’t know which one) could help.

I created a decision box for each record and set up a task to run only on records which the decision is checked. (Important: after each task ran, the decision box is automatically unchecked)

The task will create a new record in another database (lets call Cutting Service) and connect the records that were checked. The situation is that I was looking for the task to create only ONE new record connected with all the marked records, but it is creating a new Cutting Service for each record.

Is there a Pipe I can use to make the new record connected with all checked records?