Action button in a edit form

I would like to add an action button in an edit form. Like this:

This should do the following:

  • Set the status to “CP to be made” in this example.
  • Automatically add the request date (=today()) to the record
  • Add the person who started this process (=loggedinuser) to the record
  • Send an email to the person whose actions are now required
  • Do nothing after the button is pushed (so no redirect, no show message), or maybe a reload of the radio field which is concerned here (or dropdown/select or checkbox in similar cases)

This is just an example, but you understand the meaning.

In this example I used the trigger pipe button to show how the action button could be done.

Thanks for considering

Hi @Peter,

It sounds like everything you mentioned can be done via form rules. You could have a select field with an option titled “Start CP Process” and if that is selected, run the form rules. What do you think?

@tim.young. I see:

  1. you start the CP process with the select field you propose
  2. you set therefore the status field to “Flow started”
  3. in form rules you enact above mentioned actions
    I will make an extra status, in the status field which says CP is underway (or such)
  4. in the form rules after the other rules are done I add an extra rule to set the status field to this new CP status.

Why 4) I would like to prevent that, if other alterations are done in the form afterwards, the process will run twice. An alternative for this would be to have an indicator field (hidden), and set this such that you can see the process flow has been started once already.

Any flaws here?

I did indeed work with this select field: a checkbox. I have disabled the status field (but show it).
When you start the process by checking this checkbox the checkbox disappears, so you can not start the process more times, this is done with a display rule on the form.
Based on this checkbox set condition I have made a form rule to set date and task to on-goinh and also an email will be sent.
The email has the condition: Checkbox checked and status of task on-going.
This will not prevent sending an email for the second time until the task is set to finished when this record is edited, but this will probably not happen so often.
So I decided to not add a flag field for “Email sent” because this is not so straightforward done as it seems.

This is what it looks like - I have to pretify it with CSS I think, so it looks more official.

Thanks for the help