Add a dropdown button to multiple actions or details

Hey guys!

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I was wondering if it’s possible to create a dropdown menu with multiple action or details buttons for tables component, just like this image below (from another software we use).

Any suggestions?


I thought I already made this request, but couldn’t find any topic.



I’d love to have this option as well! :smiley:


@tim.young should be a great suggestion to #webinars:build-it-with-tim :wink:

That would be great!

All, looks like the grouped action links is already on TB team’s goal map.

Good that they are working on it.

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@SafetyUniversity tks for sharing!

Sure this feature is great, but it is a dropdown for the whole table component.

My suggestion is to replicate this “grouped button” for single records. And be able to connect details, action and edit links in one single button, instead of creating one column for each link.

I’ll try to figure out with some dev-friend and will post here if I made. :wink:

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