Add Conditions to a Connection field

Its essential to be able to create connections between records in tables. But its very common that only some of the rows in one table should be able to be connected, and I’d like to create those conditions in the databuilder so that inline editing (which I use a lot) does not show a load long list of innappropriate connection options.

In an app, Connections are created in 3 primary ways.

  1. Programmatically - where we can define conditions and which connections to make
  2. Forms - where we can also define conditions (for each form)
  3. In line editing - where no conditions are available.

Lets say we have a jobs board, with loads of different types of jobs to assign. We have a Users table with hundreds of users and they each have Roles that define what Jobs they do. Using a form I can define a connection conditions. When editing inline I have no way to control/limit the options displayed. All users, in all roles, will be shown.

You could add conditions to the inline edit feature - but I think a more robust approach might be to allow conditions to be set when defining the connection.

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Seconded. This would be very useful.

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