Add Global Search

Hi @moe

I love the Search Component and i would like to make a suggestion below:

**Add global search within table: **retrieve search within the table by entering text in one text field only without having to select the fields to search by AND allow search within connected tables as well .

At the moment we can use the search function within the table to achieve similar result, however we have to select the fields to use for the search, and no more than 2 connected fields can be selected.
And the Search Component does not allow us to select fields from connected tables at all.

As an alternative, I created a Text Formula Field to concatenate all fields from the table and connect tables. I have created an Equation field to display the text from the Text Formula Field.

The Equation field is then assigned to the Search field list within the table, and If I want to use the search component, I added the Equation field in the search component.


The word brick is used in many fields: description, category, trade etc.

Hope this makes sense and that it can be achieved,


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