Add Google Drive as a Save Location

We use Google Drive storage for our project files and it would be nice to have it as a save option in Tadabase (in addition to Dropbox and S3).

Taking it a step further, it would also be great to be able to “Attach” Google Drive files and folders to a File/Attachments field. I put “Attach” in quotes as although it has the look and feel of an attachment, the “Attachment” is really just a stylized link. The document or folder still resides in Google Drive and clicking on the attached file will open it in Drive.

Plenty of apps integrate with Drive, but ClickUp is a good one to reference as it allows the user to “Attach” an entire folder. This feature is useful when the Drive folder represents an entire project folder and is easier than attaching files to a Tadabase app one-by-one.

Airtable has a similar integration that allows you to “Attach” a Drive folder and then view all of the docs in that folder as thumbnails inside of Airtable. Again, very useful for those that organize their files by project folder.