Add LoggedIn User Field to Action Link Email

It would be great to have the option to add in a Logged In User Field when using the Action link to send an email. I would like the action link to send an email to both the user in the table as well as the logged in user by clicking on the action link button. I have found a workaround for now, but this would be a great enhancement to have…


This is currently an option in forms, not action links.

If you need to make something like this work sooner than later than instead of using an action link you can use an edit page,then set the page to open in a pop up. Remove all the other fields and set up the email and record rules however you wish.

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@Meyer - we’ve added this as an option within Action Links as well.



Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

@moe is this/going to be available in the FROM fields as well? I tried using {loggedInUser.Name} and {loggedInUser.Email} but the test email I did was not sent.