Add multiple people and email them all separately

Hi Tadabase Community,

Is there a way in tadabase that I can: Send email on multiple emails and duplicate a parent and child record at the same time?

I made a template with several questions. I want to send this template to my students. Can I enter the email of the students and when I hit the send buttong, the template will be duplicated and will be assigned to the emails I have entered? or is there a work around on this.

I hope you can help me. Thank you.

@edison -

At this time, email notifications are not able to be sent to a group via a field record. There are two options I can thinking of:

Option 1: Create an offline email group/distribution list email that has all of the students emails included. Then use that group email address in the Tadabase email field as a “custom email”.

Option 2: Create a table with each student and an action link for each student record to send the template email notification. Unfortunately this would require click on an action link/button to send the emails.

I’m sure there are other options.

Hope this helps,

Thank you sir for the reply. I appreciate it.

I got that. It is not bulk though. It was difficult on the admin part.

Looking forward to more suggestions please.

Thank you

Hi, maybe you could use the SendGrid pipe in a table or form rule, depending the UI. If you activate a free account in Sendgrid, you can send multiple emails with 1 action.

Thank you very much @Aprada . I will check on that.