Add pop-up elements/pages directly to pages

Would be really great to have an additional system component “add link to popup”, which would generate a pop-up child-page similar existing pop-up add/edit/details pop-ups but without the need to have an unwanted data component.

Personally I think this would improve end user ability, allow easier navigation (less links required in nav-bars and reduced need for ugly collapsible components)…

Anybody in agreement?

You can do that. In design mode of your data table, select ‘Options’ then tick yes for ‘Enable Inline Editing’. Aslo if you want to edit child records held in another table then you can do that by embedding a child table inside the parent record edit/details form. Screenshots is below, i hope that helps you.

Thanks @Shumon but maybe I didn´t explain my idea very well. Would like to generate a “blank” popup page from a button/image on an existing page…not from a data table. Basically a “link button” which would generate a blank popup sub/child page.