Add record ID in URL link in menu item


Is it possible to use the Menu Component and include the record ID in a menu link? e.g. the link would be{{recordid}}.
So that I can use it for visitors which are not registered as users yet.

Hey @slimpens

We recently added the ability to use app variables in the “custom” link type but this unfortunately does not support values like {{recordId}}.

@tim.young ,

Could be please enable this in my account ? When you look at the image, you can see that I cannot select data fields in the ‘custom’ Link section.

Sorry, let me clarify. There is no option to select data fields, rather you add app variables defined in App Settings / App Variables by pasting the shortcode - eg. {!logo!}


A solution could be showing a List component, on a details page, and create links to redirect to connected pages… In this way the record-ID is automatically involved, since the connected pages are tied to the Record ID