Add Record ID Option to Redirect Submit Rule

Let’s say I have a related table and a multi-part form that expands across both of those tables. Having the opportunity to change the record value on the redirect would cut out a couple of clicks for the user.

IE - Customer and Address

Updating Customer Information and transitioning to the address as part of the review. Right now, I complete the customer form land on a details page, and then click to update the address as I move to a related edit form for the selected address.

If I try to do this on redirect and skip that intermediate page then the edit address form has the record value of the customer.

Being able to set that in the rule to point to a form value for instance would allow more control of the landing and allow for smother record transition for multipart tasks that expand across multiple tables. (Assumes a 1 to 1 connection or something the developer should consider when deploying technique if not).

Just a thought.

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@wescar, I’m not following what you’re looking to achieve.

If you have a parent form that connects to 2 child forms. You can redirect the user to a details page of either child forms depending on what they choose. You can also add rules to decide which page they should be routed to.

Using the above example - If I attempt to redirect to a specific address I must land on the customer detail page, show the address, and provide a link for the user to click on so they can update the address. The record ID in the redirect belongs to the customer as it is now…

If I could choose the record value, I could jump to the details page for the address I need as long as the address record value was in the form, URL, or maybe obtained using a pipe…

Now I can update that address or add records associated with that address without that middle step.