Adding multiple rows based on a defined number

I am creating an asset management system. How it works is, a trailer comes in with a manifest that has for example 30 pieces. I need to be able to open an app and say Trailer number 122 with manifest number 12433 has 30 pieces on it and click “Create Assets” where it creates 30 assets with incremental numbers from the previous load. I am not sure how to achieve this.

Hi @bradenal

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This can be tricky to achieve - can you please let me know if this helps?

Like @tim.young mentioned.

Or, you can also use the “Tadabase Record Looper” pipe.

If you need help setting it up, please let me know and I’d be happy to explain further.

Hi Moe, can you explain a little more about the looper? I don’t understand the script code in request, maybe is inherited from an example?

Here’s a very short video demonstrating this pipe:

In the video I didn’t show you, but I first added the API credentials in the Global Parameters.

Tks a lot! Pretty clear