Adding "new record" button to page

I understand that, when I create a new table, I get the opportunity to create a new-record form so I can add records in the app. (I might have the details wrong but I think I got the general idea.)

My question is: What if I create a new page from scratch? I did that, added a table component – and then realized there was no way to create a new record from that page. Is it possible to add a button after the fact that goes to a form and allows me to create a new record for a table?

(My apologies if the above is confusing because I’m not using the right terms. I’m coming from FileMaker and I’m trying to learn Tadabase’s slightly different vocabulary. I’ll catch up quickly, I promise!)

You can edit the component and go to option to enable the Add New option.

This by no means is the only way to do this, you can easily add a form anywhere on the page that will new records into this table.

Here’s a link to more details;

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Excellent, Moe. Thanks for the quick response (and on a weekend at that). I had tried clicking on the component but I was then clicking on the gear/settings button and I think I completely missed the pencil/edit button and the various options shown on the left when you do that. Got it now.


Looking to add a reply button to a table that really just uses the new record function. How would I go about doing it as a button within the table / record vs the +add record at the top?