Address Field "Get Current Location Button"

Hi Folks
Just getting started from an alternative platform.
I was wondering what kind of success people had with the Address Field “Get Current Location Button”

I’m not sure exactly how this is supposed to work but I assume you press the button and it populates the Address fields. Is there anything else you are supposed to do (besides permissions)?

I have tried it on my Mac with Chrome and Safari, and on my Safari on iPhone.
I have turned on permissions but I’m not getting it to work.

When I pressed the “Current Location” button on the iPhone it asked to allow location and I said yes but it did not populate an address field. Going back into the app now and nothing happens when I press that button.
Any advice or experience good/bad with this functionality appreciated


Hey @arthurbuy,

I just tested this feature on my side and can confirm that it’s working for me. I’ve also tested with various devices, including an iPhone.

By any chance, did you set up a custom domain? We may have to whitelist it for the Google API. If this is the case, please feel free to open a ticket or email support via, and we’ll be more than happy to sort that out for you.

@arthurbuy - I had the same. It is not supported in all plans, so you might have to upgrade so you can enjoy the google location feature.

Hi Peter,
I’m on the Pro plan. Maps and Geocode appear to be ticked ON for this.

I’ll contact support

This was my error. I was not actually on the plan that includes this :see_no_evil: